Hokitika Gorge

Hokitika Gorge

The 2AM Cook Strait ferry crossing from Wellington to Picton was not by choice. We were lucky to have even snagged a reservation at the last minute (7 days in advance) as every other time slot was booked…for weeks! The last resort was to return the car in Wellington, fly into Christchurch, and rebook another car from there. However, I try to avoid flying when other modes of transportation are available to reduce our carbon footprint.

Bluebridge is one of the two ferries. The other being Interisland.
The cavernous vehicle deck is even bigger than the one that travels between Malta and Gozo.

With the shortened number of days in the South Island, Christchurch was cut out of our itinerary. This allowed us to drive straight to the next destination – Hokitika. The 5-hour drive from Picton to Hokitika was painful given our lack of sleep on the ferry, but we made it in one piece.

With sleep deprivation, it’s safe to say that we weren’t going on any long hikes. The 1.2-mile Hokitika Gorge loop fit the bill before we checked into our crash pad.

Hokitika Gorge is known for its crystal blue waters, but since it had rained a few days prior, we got to see the milky green water. We were fortunate in that the water was flowing brown just a few days ago.
Check out the size of the ferns.

The terrain on the West Coast of the South Island is determined by the amount of rainfall it gets. It is not dissimilar to the windward side of Hawaii, where the ocean moisture pushes up against the towering mountain ranges. The subsequent cooling effect then leads to heavy amounts of precipitation. In fact, the entire West Coast of the South Island makes you feel like you’re in Hawaii, until you get a glimpse of the snow capped ranges of Mount Cook.

Who loves hiking in subtropical rainforests? Me!
I can walk this every day.
Nicely paved pathways
The best time to capture the gorge with the best colors is when the sun is directly above it.
View of the second suspension bridge built in 2020.

After that, it was lights out for me for the next 16 hours.

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      1. Ah that explains it. Similarly, I ran my business for 25 years and for the greater part of that time I got by on 4 or 5 hours sleep per night. So a bit like you, old habits die hard and I am still an early riser. We get wired, I suppose!

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