Pukerua Escarpment Track

Pukerua Escarpment Track

The extra day in Wellington gave us a chance to do a short hike along the coast. The view isn’t dissimilar to what we get at home, but instead of the Pacific Ocean, we get a view of the Tasman Sea. The point to point Escarpment trail measures about 6 miles, and you can start from either Pukerua or Parkākāriki. You have the option of hiking the round trip 12-mile trail, or you can catch the train at either end to bring you back to your starting point. The advantage of starting from Pukerua is that you reach the swing bridge faster, but the disadvantage is that it’s a steeper incline.

The Escarpment hike on the Pukerua end starts in a neighborhood.
Hike straight through the huge patch of grassland
Beginning of the trail alongside the railway
Last warning
Grass is always greener on the other side…
After about a mile, you’ll leave the railroad tracks below.
The swing bridge at about 1.5 miles
Since this was the main draw of this hike, and we didn’t want to get too sweaty before getting on our overnight ferry (without access to shower facilities) we turned back shortly after crossing the bridge.

This was a sweet and short final hike on the North Island for us, and we’re excited to see what the South Island has to offer starting tomorrow.

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