Todos Santos

Todos Santos

We finally flew the coop after 4 days at the all inclusive Hyatt Ziva. Now we begin our 6-day mattress run at the Hyatt Place in Los Cabos. My original plan was to take the bus between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, but Sheldon proposed a much more comfortable mode of transport – rental car. Luckily we went with the rental car given how uncomfortably hot and humid it is down here.

Our first destination – Todos Santos, a small artist enclave located on the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur. First order of business was lunch at Marisco El Compa Chava.

An unassuming shack serving delicious fresh seafood.

Afterwards, unbeknownst to us, Sheldon drove us to Punta Lobos beach looking for a particular hiking trail. I just assumed we were checking out a beach. As I opened the car door, I was hit by an overpowering fishy smell. “What an odd beach to visit”, I thought to myself, but quickly forgot about it when I caught a glimpse of Magnificent Frigate birds flying overhead near the water.

I wasn’t able to capture a shot of the Magnificent frigate birds, but managed to get close to the pelicans, my all time favorite birds.
Pelicans drying their wings in the sun.

I was so busy admiring the pelicans that I had failed to register all the trucks and pangas on the beach.

We had stumbled upon the local fish market! That would explain the fishy odor.
Trucks are used to haul in pangas from the sea.
Customers with their buckets will congregate around the pangas to check out the haul-of-the-day. Each panga will bring in different types of seafood including giant clams. Not quite as sophisticated as Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, but still interesting nonetheless.
A Virgin Mary shrine situated on the beach is where fishermen pray for bountiful catches and protection over their pangas.

Luckily, we never located the hiking trail. To be fair we really didn’t try very hard. As much as I like hiking, I draw the line when the temperature tops 75°F. When we couldn’t take the heat on the beach anymore, we made our way back into town.

Hotel California – mistakenly assumed to be the “Hotel California” in the Eagles hit song because the owners advertised as such, until they were sued by the Eagles in 2017.
Colorful artists’ stalls
In fact, beauty is everywhere just as long as you stop and pay attention.
And when you do, you may just notice the shaved ice sold off of a modified motorcycle push cart. What an interesting hybrid.

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