Los Cabos

Los Cabos

Cabo in Spanish means Cape, and Los Cabos refers to the region consisting of the two towns – San José Del Cabo on the east end, and Cabo San Lucas on the west. With a rental car available, we took the opportunity to visit both towns.

One of the well known sights in Cabo San Lucas is the natural arch, which is only accessible by boat.

Our boat wasn’t the fanciest in the marina, but it sure had the most unique name.
El Arco is where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet.
After touring the arch, the Sex Machine dropped us off at the Lovers Beach. This beach is special in that it spans across the two seas.
The relatively calmer Lovers Beach shoreline of the Sea of Cortez.
And the powerful and destructive (Divorce Beach) side of the Pacific Ocean, where swimming is prohibited.
After an hour of brutal sun exposure on the beach, we were picked up by the Sex Machine to make our way back to town.

Cabo San Lucas downtown area reminds us of the typical spring break beach towns. Lots of bars and souvenir shops, as well as pharmacies galore peddling Viagra, sleeping pills, testosterone, and antibiotics. Of all the medicines they sell, the easily accessible antibiotics is a doctor’s nightmare. It will not surprise me when they begin to sell abortion pills given the direction the US has gone.

Past the downtown area is where you’ll find good seafood with local pricing.

San José Del Cabo, on the other hand, is much less chaotic. Sure they have a smattering of souvenir shops and pharmacies, but the seedy quality is replaced by galleries and boutique shops.

As the blazing sun gives way to an imperceptibly cooler evening, locals come out and congregate at the Plaza Mijares.
Established in 1730, the Misión de San José Del Cabo is the southernmost Jesuit mission on the Baja peninsula.
The amassing crowd into the night

The following day, we went further out to check out the rest of San José Del Cabo.

Finally, a trip to Mexico would be incomplete without getting any good meat tacos. So our second day was spent hunting them down.

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