Chasing Status

Los Cabos had served as a quick getaway for us back when we were still working. A nice place to escape to, away from the daily grind, at any of its all inclusive resorts. Immersive travel, it is not. Mindless, yes. With a two-week window between the dogs getting picked up and Angela arriving, we decided to take a mini 3-day hedonistic break down in Cabo. Three days turned into nine, after I serendipitously registered for a Hyatt expedited tier status challenge – staying 20 nights in 90 days gets you Hyatt’s highest Globalist status that comes with benefits such as suite upgrades, free breakfast, 4PM checkout for future stays. I had originally planned to ‘mattress run’ down in Mexico City in October, but then realized we have to stay Stateside that month in case Joe still needs a Taiwan visa for our November trip. So 6 more days at a no-frills Hyatt Place was tacked on to the trip to rack up the nights. This should finally give us the opportunity to explore more of what Cabo has to offer than just what’s within the confines of the resort.

Resort lobby

We’re also joined by Sheldon on this trip. Since Bei and kids left him behind for a month long vacation in Taiwan, we extended an invitation to him to join us. I foresee this short getaway soon turning into a gastronomic journey with him around.

Always up for good tacos.

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