A Fur Ball Summer

A Fur Ball Summer

Summer winding down for everyone means the end of hibernation for us, and the start of our busy travel season. Even if we had wanted to go anywhere, we wouldn’t have been able to, thanks to the tiny fur ball anchors we were entrusted to care for. What was supposed to be a 2-month stint turned into a 4-month babysitting gig. It’s one thing to have normal dogs that can go on hiking trips, it’s another to get two adorable senior lap dogs.

Tubby (AKA Drama Llama), prone to overheating, isn’t exactly hiking material.
Dynamo (AKA Fuzzy Wuzzy) with a scary loud holosystolic murmur, is a cardiac ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

Not only were we securely ensconced at home, the duo managed to rule the roost. While our own dogs in the past were never allowed on any pieces of furniture, these two managed to find the most comfortable spots around the house to plant their little furry butts.

How can you say ‘No’ to this?
The ‘Boss’ with an attitude to match.

Well, all good things must come to an end. The two were picked up this week, and we are left with an empty nest again. So we begin our travels in a couple days, starting with a warmup act in Cabo.

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