Vegas Eats

Vegas Eats

One of the reasons we had timed our Zion and Grand Canyon visit for this week was so that it would coincide with the Resorts World opening. What we were interested in wasn’t so much the hotel itself, but in their Famous Street Eats featuring all the famous hawker foods in South East Asia. Since Asia is pretty much shut to us in the foreseeable future due to Covid, we figured that this would be the closest we’d get to eating some SEA food.

The Famous Street Eats is basically an indoor food court

Unfortunately, we were not impressed. Luckily, this Vegas leg of the trip was saved by 3 restaurants outside the strip.

New Asian BBQ located in Chinatown offers authentic dim sum.

Some items were better than those offered by Tim Ho Wang in Irvine. However, Irvine is not known for Cantonese food. For good Cantonese food on the West Coast you’ll need to head north to San Francisco and Vancouver.

Ton Ton Katsuya has a wait of about 45 minutes, so you know the food is good.

The Jumbo Scallop Katsu is seasonal, but if you get a chance to try it, order it. It was the absolute best thing we had during our trip. On the left, they offer 3 types of salt – yuzu, wasabi, and Himalayan, for you to dip the scallop katsu for added taste. Still thinking about this dish…
Flavorful Kurobuta pork katsu
Juicy and tender chicken katsu

Shang offers hand-pulled and shaved (刀削) Chinese noodles. The wait here was even longer – over an hour on a Wednesday afternoon! Don’t people have to work?

The wait was absolutely justified. The beef noodle soup is even better than A&J here in SoCal, where Taiwanese food reigns supreme in the US.
Beef shank noodles with the clear broth is on par with Northern Cafe here in Cerritos CA.
Beef pancakes also better than AJ, but are half the size.
Spicy wonton

Lastly, an honorable mention goes to Every Grain with its flaky scallion pancakes along with french onion and hot sauce dip, an unexpected combination.

The chicken on Lu Ro Fan (滷肉飯) was pretty good as well.

From now on, these joints will be our must hit places whenever we pass through Vegas. All thanks to Strictly Dumpling (, who absolutely saved our trip!

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