Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Noodle Soup

Update – in less than 24 hours, the government located and tested the missing Vietnamese migrant (negative for COVID). Unfortunately for her, she’ll likely be deported back to Vietnam. According to dad, there is a huge migrant population in Taiwan since locals no longer want to do the back breaking work of yore. A lot of migrants will end up overstaying their visa. Custom agents will randomly visit Indonesian or Vietnamese restaurants on weekends to nab them and send them back. I guess all developed countries have the same issues.

If there is any dish that represents Taiwan, it would have to be the beef noodle soup. The Taiwan variation of the beef noodle soup was actually concocted by KMT veterans after they fled China during the revolution. The Taiwanese beef noodle soup had been my comfort food for years until I went to China 3 years ago, when I tried the Lanzhou beef noodle soup. Oh, how I hate to admit that I prefer the Lanzhou variation. I have betrayed my ancestors.

No matter how good the ones in SoCal are, it’ll never be as good as the ones in Taiwan. A large bowl here sets you back $6.30, whereas the ones back in the States are at least $10.

Six more days…

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