Halfway There

Halfway There

One more week of quarantine to go. There’s some rumbling that there may be some community COVID cases in Taiwan. Nothing confirmed, but the fact that one Indonesian migrant worker tested positive after she was discharged from the 14-day quarantine caused authorities to be worried. As a result of the positive case, the health department recalled all 47 migrants who had stayed at the same temporary migrant housing for testing. One other person tested positive, and in the process of recalling the migrants, they discovered one Vietnamese migrant is MIA. Now there’s a manhunt for this individual on the island. The biggest concern is that all these migrants are hired caregivers for the elderly, which as you can imagine can lead to disastrous results if cases are not caught in time.

On the lighter side…

Made my own McMuffin for breakfast today. The sweetened black tea tastes just like the ones we had in Turkey.

If you were to put a gun to my head and ask me what I think is the best food, I’d have to say Cantonese. The food is flavorful and varied that puts all others to shame. So despite being in Taiwan, I had to order Cantonese BBQ to try.

三寶飯 – roast pork, roast duck and soy sauce chicken for NT170 ($6). The side dishes – tomato eggs, marinated cucumbers, some kind of sweetened soy product.

Southern California’s Cantonese food scene is quite anemic, so whenever we go back to the city, the first place we hit after getting off the plane is always Big Wong. When it comes to Cantonese BBQ, Joe and I use Big Wong in NYC Chinatown as the benchmark. As ABCs, we don’t know what authentic Cantonese BBQ, like the ones you find in Hong Kong, is supposed to taste like. So all comparisons are made against Big Wong. I would rate today’s lunch a 8.5/10 (Big Wong being 10/10). The pork isn’t as charred as it should be, the duck skin isn’t as crispy, and the soy sauce chicken doesn’t have enough soy sauce. However, the overall taste is pretty good. There is definitely a Taiwanese twist to it as evidenced by the side dishes.

2 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. The gluten stuff is the best!!! My mom used to stir fry it with soy sauce and star of anise. How about some pics of stinky tofu?? Or rice roll? Noodles?


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