The Future Is Here

The Future Is Here

While en route to the gym and Din Tai Fung two weeks ago, I lost my California driver’s license. Neither the gym nor the restaurant had it, so the next logical possibility was the Taipei Metro system. I filled out a lost and found claim on the Taipei MRT App, but was resigned to the fact that I’d have to get a replacement license (for $37) back home.

A week after filing the application, we got a call – “We have your ID”.

The MRT lost & found department is located in the busy Taipei Main Station’s warren of tunnels branching out in whichever way like an octopus’ tentacles. Luckily with clear directions from the L&F department, it was no trouble at all.

Just follow the yellow line

The lost and found department has an efficient and impressive system. Provide them your claim number, which they punch into a system, and a robot arm retrieves the lost item for you.

Nothing like this exists back home. Why can’t we have nice things too?

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