NYC Drive By

NYC Drive By

We finally get to take our very first points redemption flight. The original flight booked a year ago was to have us fly to Asia from the West Coast. However, EVA Air went ahead and canceled the flight back in April leaving us with no way to get to Taiwan using our points. I had come to terms with the fact that we’d have to pay for premium economy seats. But luck would have it that I would come across a tip online – available award flights to Taipei leaving from the East Coast. This would entail flying east to catch a transpacific flight backtracking westward. So here we are – 36 hours in NYC.

Our brief time in NYC allowed us to test drive my newly acquired Hyatt Globalist status – early check in, 4PM check out, free breakfast, and suite upgrade.

We arrived in NYC at 8:30am, and were able to get our room at the Thompson Central Park upon check in without having to wait until 3pm.
Our upgraded 425-square foot king studio suite.
The extra space just made the stay so much more enjoyable.

First order of business after dropping off our luggage was to hunt for breakfast

The quintessential New York breakfast – toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, from the corner deli.

Free breakfast the next morning was at Parker’s, the hotel restaurant.

Hanging plants in the dining area

Thirty-six hours in town was enough time to meet up with all our family and friends, with some time left over for some sightseeing.

A tight timeframe meant creative planning to gather everyone in one place, and our friends were gracious enough to take time out of their day to meet up.

The initial plan of museum hopping fell apart as there was just no time to do it all without feeling rushed. So Joe and I took a nice stroll in Central Park.

The Dakota and its reflection.
Central Park flanked by high rises on all sides.

Autumn in Central Park gives you a small taste of fall foliage. The colors aren’t quite as brilliant as what you’d find further north in New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine, but still a nice change from the brown vegetation that we’re surrounded by in SoCal.

This used to be Mocha’s swimming hole back when we lived just 2 blocks from the park. Thinking back, we did not utilize Central Park as much as we should have. It’s ironic how much more I appreciate the city now that I no longer live there.
The Alice In Wonderland statue appears to be much more polished since the last time we scrambled all over it 40 years ago.
The city through this tourist’s eyes is now much more interesting.

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