Tokopah Falls Trail

Tokopah Falls Trail

It’d be a shame to come to California and not visit any one of the National Parks. So we dragged Angela to her second National Park during her monthlong stay with us.

Sequoia National Park is famous for its gigantic sequoia trees.

General Sherman being the largest tree in the world by volume.
While other trees are large enough to drive through.
Sequoia is also home to Moro Rock with its 360° vista.

While planning for this visit, I threw in a short 4-mile hike for good measure. The other hike I had in mind was 13-miles, but that was immediately nixed by both brother and sister.

The Tokopah Fall trail is an easy stroll in the forest.
With some rocky terrain towards the end.
While we only got to see a trickle, I suspect the fall at the end of the trail would be more impressive shortly after snowmelt in May.
The end of the trail served as a nice snack spot.

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