Transcon Travel

It’s been 2 and a half months since we last traveled. Joe’s perfectly fine staying at home, but I’m getting restless. So, I jumped at the very first chance to fly out to Miami to meet up with Juin without my better half.

With the luxury of time, I opted to not fly direct to Miami. Call me crazy, but I love spending time in airports, especially now when a visit to the lounge is part of the trip. So instead of a four and a half hour direct flight, I extended my journey to 11 hours with a layover in JFK. Certainly not something I would have been able to do while working. Retirement now gives me nothing but time.

I had Joe drop me off early at LAX so I could have a late dinner at the Delta Skyclub. The pork carnitas was divine. The lounge itself was still quite busy at nine in the evening.

The five-hour flight out to JFK was made tolerable with an empty seat next to me, thanks to strategic planning – tracking the seat assignment like a hawk after check in, and moving my seat around to ensure no one would be sitting next to me. Of course this wouldn’t work on a full flight, but red eyes have a higher chance of not being full.

Back at the JFK Centurion lounge for the third time was unfortunately not a charm. The lounge was crowded and the breakfast food mediocre. After downing a cup of cappuccino and a double espresso, I made my way to the Delta Skyclub. This lounge is much more spacious and therefore more pleasant. Food is also tastier. The best part is that they have Swiss Miss you can mix in with your coffee to make cafe Mocha.

A giant glass (this was their medium) of guava mojito to celebrate the end of an eleven-hour journey
Cuban food in Miami – ropa vieja, lechon, and chicken

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