Miles From The Sky

When it comes to traveling I am rather brand agnostic. I will fly with whomever offers me the best value. It doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest flight, but the best money spent for the best route, schedules, and amenities. With that said, I still make sure to sign up for each respective frequent flyer programs. The downside to this type of flying is that I never manage to accrue enough miles with any airline to get any free flights. That is until now – an unexpected free flight with Delta.

After returning from Spain last month I decided to log on to my Delta account to see if my miles flown on Air France were credited. Having not touched my Delta account for maybe 10 years, I understandably had trouble logging in. A call to customer service quickly resolved that issue as expected. However, what I hadn’t expected was that I had 2 accounts, and after merging the accounts I had enough miles for a free round trip ticket from LAX to NYC! It wasn’t a surprise that I had 2 accounts, as I tend to forget that I’ve already signed up for something, and I’ll sign up for it again years down the road. However, I couldn’t figure out why I had 18k miles in the oldest account dating back to the late 90s as I don’t recall ever flying with Delta (most of my domestic points are from flying with partners). It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized what that old account was. It was the old Northwest WorldPerks! Northwest was absorbed by Delta back in 2010, and that account was converted into a SkyMiles account. Northwest used to be my go to airline for trips to and from Taiwan in the 90s before the Taiwanese airlines slowly won me over with their quality and service. So the moral of the story is to start checking all your frequent flyer accounts, because you may just have a free flight hidden somewhere.

At the end of the day, I managed to get one free RT LAX-LGA and a OW LGA-LAX, and still have 6k miles left of my 27k SkyMiles. Thanks Northwest. Looks like that $1,500 economy ticket I had paid that one year somehow paid it forward 2 decades later!

NB – unlike other programs, Delta, United, and JetBlue miles never expire. For those who are brand agnostic and travel mostly internationally, attributing the miles to domestic programs will help with mileage accrual.

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