A Slow Start

A Slow Start

Traveling through time zones is never easy. For me it’s always been harder traveling eastbound. Landing in the mornings make it tougher because you have the whole day ahead of you, but I don’t like arriving in a foreign country at night for safety reasons. So our first days in Europe end up being “throw away” days. We’re too sleep deprived to enjoy anything. I still remember on our first trip to Europe 20 years ago, we managed to sleep through most of the first day on our 3-day Memorial Weekend trip to Paris. Ever since, we’ve tried to hit the ground running like zombies to maximize our vacations. Now that we can travel at a more leisurely pace, we’re OK to take it easy. And Málaga was a great place to do just that, since there’s not as much going on there compared to the other cities on our itinerary. Most people go to Málaga for the beaches, and we have no shortage of beaches where we live. For us, Málaga was just the most economical city in Andalusia to fly into.

After lunch and a brief stroll through Old Town, it was lights out by 6PM.

Beautiful architectures all around Old Town.
Málaga is the birthplace of Picasso, so naturally the Picasso museum would be a must. Considered a sin in Vicky’s book, we took a pass.

Waking up the next morning feeling like human beings meant we were good to go. Caught the 3-hour slow train to Sevilla, and checked in to our home for the next 5 days. I personally prefer hotels over Airbnb, but since we needed to do laundry we ended up booking a place with Mila & Tomas, who graciously spent 10-15 minutes showing us the place and giving us restaurant and Flamenco recommendations.

A cute living room
Cozy bedroom
Not only was the kitchen one of the best stocked we’d ever encountered, Mila & Tomas gave us a welcome bottle of Rioja.

Here’s a sneak peek of the varied architecture in Sevilla, from Baroque style churches to Moroccan inspired door frames.

Iglesias Colegial Del Divino Salvador

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