Post Vaccine Pandemic Travel – Europe Edition

Post Vaccine Pandemic Travel – Europe Edition

The last time I flew on a near empty plane was almost a year ago when I flew to Taiwan. On our most recent trip to Morocco in April, we found ourselves on jammed packed flights. Today, our Air France flight experience is more aligned with traveling during the earlier days of the pandemic. The summer tourists are back at work. The US has yet to open up her borders to foreign travelers (opens November 8th). Even with rock bottom airfares, not a lot of people have been able to take advantage of it. So we find ourselves in the enviable position of traveling through a crowd free airport.

First we hopped over to Terminal 4 to grab some food at the Centurion lounge.

Unlike the one in Seattle, the JFK lounge is much larger, with 2 floors of seating, a gym (Equinox), and a speakeasy bar (a total of 3 bars).
Interestingly, the bar at the Seattle lounge was much busier.
Buffet lunch

After a long relaxing stay, we hopped on the AirTrain to Terminal 1.

Check-in line
Security line
Boarding area
Not quite as empty as the Cathay Pacific flight, but empty enough that we again have Economy lie flat seats!

Europe here we come…

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