Boston Marathon 2021

Boston Marathon 2021

This race will go down in history as the “running injured” race. I had no business starting the race given my Achilles pain that began the day before. This is an old injury that I had failed to take care of during training. Tight calf muscles led to Achilles pain. Sometimes the heart takes over decision making, and doesn’t necessarily make the right choices.

The 2021 Boston Marathon ended up being a run walk race – walking up all the hills, and running down them. I did manage to run my fastest mile at the very end – an 8:07 minute mile, which goes to show how much I still had left in the tank. The question now is do I try to redeem myself by running another Boston (granted my NYC time gets me into the 2022 race), or do I close the chapter on my dabble with the marathon distance given this recurring injury on this aging body.

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