Dos Boletos a Andalucía

Dos Boletos a Andalucía

The EU removes the US from their safe travel list, airfares drop, and we snatch up a couple of tickets to Southern Spain. The East Coast is the perfect springboard to Europe, and it’s hard to just turn around and fly back to the West Coast while there. The original plan was to go to Puerto Rico, but Joe just withers in heat with humidity, and is not fond of mosquitoes. With round trip fares to Europe going for 40% off, it is the perfect opportunity to hop across the pond again. Southern Spain had been on our list for a while, and had it not been for EU’s ban on Americans this past year, we would have already been (as a side trip from either Turkey or Morocco).

Today, we hear that the US is finally allowing all vaccinated foreign travelers into the US starting November. Airfares (international AND domestic) are going up as we speak. Once again, we managed to fly under the radar. Now we’re just waiting for Asia to open up. But in the meantime a España!

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