I’m Baaaccckkk

It took 5 weeks to finally get my cardiovascular conditioning back to baseline. Short runs had felt so tough week after week that it had me wonder if I had developed long term lung damage from possible COVID last year. However, the last 2 runs have finally reassured me that I’m back in shape. I now have 2 more weeks before the start of my 20-week training cycle.

A side note – friends with toddlers were over this past week. Having had only limited exposure to children (mostly 5 and up), toddlers proved to be eye-opening. Watching a 2-year old eat is akin to gawking at a multi-vehicle accident on the 405. You’re trying to piece together how that corn kernel ended up below the right eye, or the spaghetti sauce on the right shoulder. An interesting interlude to our adult life.

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