Flying Back to the US

Flying Back to the US

So it appears that I’m one of the few insane people flying into Covid territory that is known as California. Most people want to fly into Taiwan, not out these days, especially given that Chinese Lunar New Year is coming up in 3 weeks. As for me, I have a husband home alone whom I’d like to spend Valentines with.

Empty departure terminal at the Taoyuan Airport
In fact, no one’s flying anywhere
So flights are getting cancelled left and right
Cathay is flying to Hong Kong, and I counted less than 30 people on the flight.

It was a nice 6-week break with the folks, and I was surprised at how sad I was to leave them behind. I don’t think I was this sad when I first left home for college – perhaps the promise of absolute freedom at that young age back then was too intoxicating. Or it could just be that I’m super emotional as I’m barreling down the path towards menopause.

Looking forward to my lie flat economy seat…

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