Double Dragon Waterfall Rainbow Suspension Bridge

Double Dragon Waterfall Rainbow Suspension Bridge

The site we visited today is a mouthful – Double Dragon Waterfall Rainbow Suspension Bridge (雙龍瀑布七彩吊橋). The Double Dragon refers to the double waterfalls, and the rainbow suspension bridge is the longest in Taiwan. The town that it’s located in is named after the two waterfalls – 雙龍 in Nantou (南投) area, about an hour fifteen minute drive from Xitou (溪頭). How we happened upon this place was by pure happenstance. I had wanted to see what was in the area, and as I was scanning the Sun Moon Lake region on Google maps, the photo icon for this place appeared on the map. Always a sucker for waterfalls and suspension bridges, I decided to check it out.

We first had to buy tickets online ahead of time, likely for crowd control reasons as they only allow 250 people on the bridge at once. The bridge is closed Wednesdays for regular safety inspections. Tickets are 100NT ($3.50) for adults and 30NT ($1) for seniors.

There’s a parking lot at the base of the hill, where you’ll have to take a free shuttle to the start of the trail as there is no parking up top.
The trail is a steep 1km paved road
There are signs everywhere advising the elderly, the pregnant, and those with heart disease against hiking up, but we took our time.
Once you get to the suspension bridge, you have the option to either cross the bridge or hike another 0.7K (green) to the waterfalls. Notice the AED icons on the map!
The bridge on the left is the old bridge, which is now closed.
The new bridge spans 372 meters.
The lower falls
View from the other side
Walking back down was easier for everyone else but me, as my quads were thrashed yesterday.
Back at the shuttle bus station waiting for our ride down to the parking lot.

I would say this is worth a stop if you’re in the area like Sun Moon Lake, but probably not worth traveling to just to see it. I can imagine it being a popular Instagram spot, but I’d hate to see the site spoiled by the crowd.

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