Survived Quarantine

Survived Quarantine

Two weeks have finally passed, and I have survived quarantine. I really can’t say it was very difficult, as various friends and family have constantly texted, video chatted, and called every single day to keep me company. I would imagine it would have been much more difficult had I not had any contact with the outside world. The scheduled mealtimes helped break up the days, the hours-long post meal walks and incessant news consumption filled up the rest. Only once did I turn on the TV out of curiosity, only to find out that the remote doesn’t work (which reminds me that I should let the hotel know). The last two days of quarantine was dedicated to binging on kdramas, as the news cycle started to become repetitive and depressing.

Other than the unimaginative lunches and the scary earthquake, everything was perfect. The hotel was clean, comfortable, and equipped with everything I could possibly need. The courteous staff made every effort to provide a welcoming space. The daily texts from the health department inquiring about my health status made me appreciate Taiwan’s efforts in combating the virus.

The sun finally came out today for the first time since arriving in Taiwan. It’s as if the island is celebrating my last day of quarantine.
My final meal in quarantine was exactly the same as the very first meal I had after entering quarantine. Quarantine has now come full circle.

Would I be able to survive another week in quarantine? Sure, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to. It’s time for me to re-join the world.

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