Three Hours At The Beach

Three Hours At The Beach

Driving in Turkey is relatively easy. We felt right in place as they disregard speed limits like we do, and they also hardly ever use their turn signals like Californians. However, two observations had us scratching our heads. First, they don’t respect lines. They’ll drift from one lane to the next, taking the shortest path between points A and B. This is especially noticeable around curves. Second, we could not figure out the deal with the shoulder lane on the highway. The shoulder lane in the US is normally for stopped vehicles during emergency situations. In Turkey, Joe and I call it the Multipurpose Lane.

We have seen cars traveling in the wrong direction in that lane so that they can turn onto the side road. I read somewhere that the lane actually serves as a on/off ramp for people to merge onto the highway or to slow down to exit onto side roads. Regardless of what this lane is called, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Turks have a much more efficient use of their shoulder lane than we do.

Leave it to us to drive 90 minutes in search of a nice beach while in Turkey. The irony is that back home we have a perfectly good beach 5 minutes down the hill from us, yet we never go.

Kaputaş Beach. Who wouldn’t drive 90 minutes for this gorgeous beach?

The water is a beautiful turquoise blue. The waves aren’t terribly strong. The beach is a mix of sand and tiny to small pebbles. The best part is that it’s free. We’ve had to pay for all the other beaches so far. What that means is parking can be a nightmare during high season because there’s no dedicated parking lot for the beach.

Parking is limited to along the highway

However, this also guarantees that the tiny little beach is never packed full of people.

For 10TL, you can rent an umbrella to hide under

To make our drive worthwhile, we stayed for the same amount of time it took for us to make the round trip. The umbrella was a good investment.

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