One More Month To Go

One More Month To Go

There is no doubt that Turkey has a rich history. Everyday there’s something new and amazing to learn about this country. However, not everything is great and glamorous. One of the darkest days in recent Turkish history has to do with exiling it’s minority Christian citizens (e.g., Armenians, Greeks) after the rise in Turkish Nationalism during WW1. This led to the deaths of millions of these Christians as well as uprooting of their lives. Turkey basically sent all the Christian Greeks to Greece, a country these people have never known. As an exchange, Greece sent their Muslin Turks to Turkey.

One of the towns that was previously inhabited by these Christian Greeks until 1923 is Karaköy, or previously known by the Greeks as Levissi. After the 2000 or so residents were sent away, the town was abandoned. The initial plan was to have the Muslim Turks relocate, but they refused when they heard it was a ghost town. Today, this town remains as it did almost 100 years ago.

Eerily quiet
Some old paint still remain
Perhaps the most well preserved structure in town is the church
Some details can still be seen
A smaller church
Christian images depicting saints have been damaged, as figures are forbidden in Muslim religion.
One can hiked through the town to reach Ölüdeniz, which is 3.6 miles away
Paths are clearly marked
Thought provoking as you wander through town.

The plan was to hike Butterfly Valley, so we opted not to spend too much time here. However, when we got to Butterfly Valley, we realized that the hike would be too treacherous.

The view of Butterfly Valley from up top
The hike would bring you down the steep hill. We both decided that we’re no longer spring chicks to be risking our lives. Let the 20 year olds have at this.

So we did the next best thing, sit on the beach.

Ölüdeniz Beach
Don’t let the above picture fool you. This is a pebbled beach!
Joe took the plunge.

At this point both of us agree that we’re starting to miss home just a tiny bit – the comfort, the food, and for Joe, driving his own car. One more month to go!

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