Onward to Datça

Onward to Datça

There is an hour and a half long car ferry that leaves Bodrum 3 times a day to Datça. Most people bring their cars with them.

Bye bye Bodrum (Castle)
And fancy yachts (with a helicopter)
If you look closely, you’ll spot a St. Bernard in the orange SUV.

For those without a car, a free shuttle at the pier will bring you from the ferry terminal to Datça town center, which is located on the opposite side of the peninsula.

X marks the ferry terminal. Town center is the blue dot.
Beautiful Datça ferry terminal
The shuttle takes 15-20 minutes to get into town

It took us 10 minutes from the bus stop to walk to our next Airbnb.

Our stay in Bodrum wasn’t as pleasant – too much noise including someone fighting on one night. So it was a relief when we saw our next Airbnb, which appears to be in the middle of a retirement community! All we saw were seniors on the beach and in the water – reminded Joe of the 80s movie Cocoon.

Within walking distance to the beach
There’s a nice pedestrian path that leads you to town center
View of town center

First impression of Datça is that it’s a peaceful little town. The waters are clear and calm. No shopping strips or pushy vendors. I think we can finally relax here.

How pretty is this?
And this in the evening

Dinner was on the waterfront at Maradona, so named because of the owner’s resemblance to the Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona.

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