ANA Business Class

ANA Business Class

Our fourth (and third redemption) business class flight in less than a year was flown on Japan’s ANA. After comparing all of the four airlines I’ve taken, ANA has beat out EVA, Qatar, and Air France. ANA’s service can’t be beat, which is not surprising given how Japan’s emphasis on exceptional service is unparalleled. Another area where ANA does well is its seat area space.

A large table provides ample space to put all your belongings.
ANA has the widest seats and footwells. Unfortunately, the seats aren’t the most comfortable. That prize goes to EVA.
With the staggered configuration, window seats A and K have the most privacy in the business class cabin.
Who has bidets in their lavatories? ANA! That by itself helped ANA edge EVA out of first place.
ANA’s amenity kit isn’t the best, and it only supplied PJs for rent. EVA won in this category by having the most complete set of goodies including the comfortable Jason Wu PJs that I actually wear to bed at home (Qatar’s PJs are scratchy and have been relegated to be used while gardening). Air France is the worst as it doesn’t even provide slippers.
IPPUDO ramen was a bit disappointing.
The food was average but seasoned perfectly, unlike Qatar’s overly salted dishes. EVA had the best food and presentation – all courses were served individually without being presented on a tray.

The final tally of scores (out of 28) – ANA 21, EVA 20, Qatar 18, Air France 11.

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