Traveling between Tokyo to Osaka can be done via Shinkansen or plane, and since we had to pick up mom and dad at KIX, we opted to fly into Osaka. I was fortunate enough to get assigned a window seat on the right side of the aircraft, which afforded me the chance to see Mt. Fuji from above.

A view of Mt. Fuji from the sky.

A direct airport limousine bus dropped us off at the Hyatt Regency Osaka. The plan was to stay a night in Osaka before moving onward to Kyoto.

Hotel lobby

Given the remote location of the hotel, Hyatt Regency provides complimentary shuttle services to the Osaka train station where we would catch the JR line to Kyoto. Since we had time to kill before checking into our ryokan in Kyoto, we decided to grab lunch in Dontonbori.

Instead of lugging our bags around downtown Osaka, we stowed them in one of the numerous lockers scattered around the train station.
Cost of storage ranges between ¥400-¥700 ($3-$5) depending on locker size.
Pay with your Suica card stored on your phone.

Osaka is known for its street food and nightlife in the Dontonbori area. With parents in tow, who aren’t fans of crowded places, we kept the visit to a minimum.

Osaka is the birthplace of tacoyaki, diced octopus mixed in wheat flour based batter.
Ichiran, known for tonkatsu ramen.
Mom and dad’s first experience standing in line for an hour for food.
Eating ramen in individual booths
The staff takes your ticket and order sheet from your table.
Once ready, they present your meal from behind the bamboo blinds.
And if you need anything extra, just ring the bell at your table and give them your written orders or wooden placards.
One last line before heading back to the train station.
Rikuro cheesecake

In a short 48 hours in Japan, the Japanese have reaffirmed their way of doing things is far more efficient than anyone else’s. Sure, it may seem less personable, but this is exactly how we introverts like it.

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