Air France Business Class

Air France Business Class

When flying to Europe, Joe and I like to fly with Air France for the cabin experience. The service in economy is attentive, and their meals are above average. Naturally, when it came time to book my flight to Norway, I went straight to AirFrance to redeem my 110k Capital One points for my round trip business class seats.

The seating arrangement is similar to EVA’s reverse herringbone.
However, the footwell is much more spacious on Air France.
And there’s more storage space for all your stuff. The mirror is a nice touch. EVA’s biggest downside is the lack of extra space around the seat.
Another nice touch is the heart shaped chocolate for a flight departing on Valentines Day.
A peek at the first class La Premiere cabin. With only 4 seats in first class, there’s enough room for each seat to be converted into a twin bed.
A very classy looking amenity kit, but with a bare amount of Clarins product.

What I was most excited about the flight was the food. AirFrance works with internationally renowned chefs to provide their award-winning dining experience. Perhaps my expectations were too high, because I was a little let down. The food was good, but I thought it was on par with EVA’s. The meal on the flight leaving Paris definitely tasted much better than the one leaving LA.

Column on the left is what was served ex-LAX, and right ex-CDG.

As always, the service was superb, and it is the number one reason why we’ll always fly with them no matter how messy the transfer is at CDG.

The crowd at CDG waiting to walk up the escalator to border control. And I had only an hour layover to catch my flight back to LA.

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