Beauty All Around

Beauty All Around

Joe has a soft spot for Japanese gardens, and I have a particular fondness for Japanese maple. And what better place to go than to the largest Japanese garden in the US – the Portland Japanese Garden.

Entrance to the garden

Unlike most gardens, one thing we noticed about this one is the absence of any irrigation system. What we saw was moss covered ground, and we surmised that the moss provides the much needed moisture for the plants and trees.

If you’ve ever been in a Peter Lik gallery, you’ll invariably see a stunning photo of a Japanese maple tree.

The edited photo looks something like this.

This tree is located in the Portland Japanese Garden, and if you didn’t know what to look for and where to look, you’d completely miss it because in your mind you are looking for a massive tree where you can set up a picnic underneath. In reality, the tree is much smaller.

The tree is actually only about 6-8ft tall. Most people walked past it without giving it so much as a glance.
The trick is to squat next to it and point the camera up (preferably on a sunny day). A few people saw me kneeling next to it with my camera and figured out what I was doing, and proceeded to do the same. You’re welcome.

After lunch we drove an hour and twenty minutes to check out a big rock on the beach.

Cannon beach is famous for the Haystack Rock. We were lucky to get there during low tide, as the Haystack Rock Awareness volunteers were stationed there ready to educate the ignorant.

What I had thought were rocks dotted with seagull poop were actually rocks teeming with life.

Further examination revealed two sea stars of different colors, mussels, barnacles, snails, and anemone. I learned that sea stars can survive for 3 hours out of water.

Today’s outing reinforced the notion that beauty is everywhere. If we pause to look, we may just be able to see it.

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