Third Redemption

I feel like I’m just planning trips and not going anywhere. The reason why we’ve stayed put the last 4 months was so that I can train for Boston, which is happening next Monday. Unfortunately, a mid-January injury has lingered until now. I have resigned to the fact that 2 decades of marathon training and running have finally done me in, and am throwing in the towel. I’m still running short 4-5 mile runs 3-4 times a week just to keep the knees lubricated and the mind sane. Next week, we’ll finally be heading up to Oregon, where we’ll stay until at least the end of May if not longer.

During these past 4 months of downtime, I’ve managed to work on the SEA and Norway logistics with all the flights and hotels. And today, I snagged our business award tickets on ANA to Japan and Australia/New Zealand for April-June 2023 using 210k Amex Membership Rewards points. ANA business award tickets are hard to secure. You essentially have to book 355 days out, and tickets are usually gone within a few days (some within the hour of release). I more or less had to book dummy inbound tickets from Sydney to lock in our outbound seats (ANA award bookings must be booked as round trip). I will change the dummy inbound in a couple months. The plan is to do a stopover in Kyoto for 4-5 days during cherry blossom season, and then head to the Land Down Under for 7-8 weeks. So, in the coming year our travels will cover 5 of the seven continents – North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Let the busy season begin!

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