Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

With the Russo-Ukrainian War and persistent inflation, gas prices have skyrocketed this past week. We’re used to the $4/gal price tag here in California, but when prices hit $5+/gal I was forced to make some behavioral changes. Instead of barreling down the 405 HOV lane at 80-90 mph, I am now finding myself in the number 5 lane going at, and even below, speed limit. One of the things I’ve discovered while driving slower is that I’m calmer. A mind numbing trance sets in in the absence of any iota of adrenaline. Not necessarily welcoming. Unfortunately, the need-for-speed gene was passed down from father to daughter. Between the two of us, fistfuls of speeding tickets prove that point. This is not meant as a boast, but a showcase of how speeding tickets are not deterrents for speed demons. Ironically, $5/gal gas prices are.

Gas prices in Laguna Beach have now hit $6/gal. They haven’t even let us get used to the $5 gas.

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