Back Stateside

This is possibly the last time where air travel will be enjoyable for us. Once the US opens up on Nov. 8th, the days of empty flights will be over. Check-in in Malaga was as close to a disaster as it could get. We waited an hour and a half standing in line to check-in, but once in Paris everything was smooth sailing. Global Entry made the border control experience so much easier. A process that would normally take 30-45 minutes was cut down to 5-10 minutes.

Air France flight was again practically empty

Clear with TSA Precheck made hopping between terminals a breeze. A 3-4 hour layover at JFK was also more enjoyable spent at the lounge.

JFK Centurion lounge
Dinner at the lounge – tasty

The last leg from the East Coast back to LA is always brutal. It’s at the tail end of the 24-30 hour travel period, and domestic flights are packed. The economy seats are uncomfortable, making the 5-6 hour journey often unbearable. For the future, we will need to consider either splurging for better seats or staying a couple nights in NYC before heading back to the West Coast.

The good news is that flying west means jet lag is easy to get over. Usually within a day or two we’re back to our usual sleep patterns.

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