Ocean Path & Dorr Ladder Trail

Ocean Path & Dorr Ladder Trail

With toddlers in tow, we opted for an easy family friendly hike in the morning. The Ocean Path is a 2-mile stretch along the northeast coastline of Acadia National Park. We probably only covered a third of the length in an hour and a half.

Varied terrain made the path interesting
A brave little 4-year old sitting at the cliff’s edge checking out the rock climbers
Rugged coastline is very different from that of SoCal‘s sandy beaches
Juxtaposition of fall foliage and the ocean

After dropping off the kids at the hotel pool for the afternoon, the rest of us went on a real hike. The Dorr Ladder trail is only a 2-mile in-and-out, but is not a trail to be underestimated (the trail is rated as ‘hard’ on AllTrails). This is one of the iron rung trails that Acadia National Park is known for – the other two better known iron rung trails for adrenaline junkies are the Precipice and Beehive.

The end of the trail is at the top of the mountain, and to get there in a mile means steep ascent.
A stair master work out throughout the first 0.6 miles
Some steps are steeper than others
Once through this crevice, you’ll reach the first set of ladders
Ladder number 1
The view at the top of the first set of ladders is probably the prettiest
Ladder number 2
Ladder number 3
Dorr Mountain doesn’t stand very tall, but it was no child’s play reaching the top.
View at the top
After goofing around for a bit at the top, we made our way back down.
It was much easier going down, but it still took us an hour.
Pretty fall colors

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