Three days of rest and rehab with eccentric calf strengthening and foam rolling did wonders for my achilles. Managed to tuck in my 18-miles this morning before hitting the road for Phoenix at 10AM. The 5.5-hour drive went by quickly with minimal congestion. That is until we got closer to Phoenix, when we encountered the back-from-long-weekend traffic.

Since Phoenix is just a pit stop for us, I booked us a room at the brand new no frills Holiday Inn Express near the airport.

So far our 2 experiences with the Holiday Inn Expresses on the West Coast have been pretty positive. Granted, I pick ones that were either recently renovated or had just opened to ensure a pleasant stay.

Joe wanted to try this BBQ joint he’d seen on SimplyDumpling.

Yes, too much meat for two. Really need to cut back on the meat consumption after this trip.

It’s over 100F here, and we noticed plenty of half naked people getting their runs in around dusk. I guess it’s the only other reasonable time (aside from predawn hours) to exercise around here. Tomorrow we head down to Tucson, which is generally 5-10F cooler than Phoenix. Even with that “cooler” temperature, I doubt we’ll be able to get much hiking done. If only it would rain like it did yesterday. When we used to live in Tucson, monsoon was my favorite season. The passing storms will instantly drop the temperature down by 30F.

Just hoping for some monsoonal downpour at this point. Nonstop sunny weather can be overrated at times.

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