Last Day In Kaua’i

Last Day In Kaua’i

Kaua’i has to be my favorite Hawaiian island. Oahu is too commercialized, Maui too crowded, and the big island of Hawai’i a bit bland. Kaua’i is simply beautiful with its lush greenery, stunning coastline, and less crowds. Alas, our time on the island has come to an end. We were due to fly out at 10:30PM, which means a full day in Kaua’i, but no access to shower facility after 11AM. So, instead of squeezing in another hike, we opted to drive around the island to take in the scenery.

Along the banks of Wailua River

The last day on the island also meant it was our last chance for some fresh fish and Hawaiian shaved ice.

Kukui’ula Fish Hut is a little gem hidden in the Kukui’ula market in Poipu that serves fresh sashimi and poke.
Spouting Horn in Poipu. This is what I remember most from our first family trip to Kaua’i back in the early 90s.
Enjoyed a little respite from the sun under an Autograph tree
So called Autograph tree for its thick leaves that can withstand carvings on its leaves
Its interesting fruit with red seeds
Beautiful beaches of Poipu
Hulē’ia Valley at the Menehune fish pond overlook
Wailua Falls

Joe and I occasionally will ask each other what we’d do when the other passes. Joe had always said he’d happily remain in Laguna Beach. I could never come up with a satisfactory plan. Laguna Beach is nice, but I think I would miss him too much by remaining in the house by myself. If mom and dad were still to be around at that point then I’d move to Taiwan to be with them. However, if no one is left then I wouldn’t know where I would move to. But now I know. I’ll be in Kaua’i when that day comes.

As for the rest of the trip back home it was smooth sailing. Once again we got a row to ourselves on our flight to Seattle. Popped in to the Centurion lounge for a quick breakfast before our connection to LAX. Got the extra leg room emergency exit seats on the way back to LA. Joe was happy to be home. I, on the other hand, wished our vacation had lasted a little longer.

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