Kaua’i Sans Car

Kaua’i Sans Car

We don’t have a car booked for the first 3 days of our trip. This is mainly because I had wanted to pare down the expenses by just having a car for 4 of the 7 days that we’re here. When I had booked the car back in early April, the rates were around $100 per day, which progressively got more pricey. Within a month, all cars on the island were booked through August (currently all cars are booked through the end of the year).

Without a car, we got a chance to appreciate the area on foot. You manage to see a lot more when you’re not zooming around at 45 mph.

Morning yoga at the hotel
Hotel grounds

First stop, breakfast at Passion Cafe, a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Hawaiian breakfast – Kalua loco moco, which is pork on rice with 2 eggs, Mac and cheese on the side. Yum. I can honestly have this every morning.

With nothing else planned for the day, we decided to walk to the closest supermarket to get some snacks and water.

Took the scenic route along the beach to get to the supermarket,

We lazed away the rest of the day poolside.

Dinner was very average sushi at the beach.

It occurred to me that back in the days when we were still working, these types of “down” days during vacation were very much appreciated. However, now that all our days are “down” days in retirement, these don’t feel quite as necessary. I will have to take that into consideration for future trip planning.

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