Traveling Back To The US

Traveling Back To The US

Going home! It’s been a while since we’ve traveled to a place where we’re happy to be going home. There’s nothing wrong with Morocco, but we think Turkey ruined it for us. Our trip to Turkey was absolutely one of the best (a close second after Botswana and Tanzania), and after having just been there less than 6 months ago it’s hard not to compare the 2 countries.

Moroccan architecture is beautiful. There’s no doubt about it (although Ottoman architecture is beautiful AND grand). People are friendly, but not the most. Hustlers and scammers are ruthless. Procedures and processes are inefficient – getting a Covid test was a huge hassle, and going through the airport was puzzling as you’re going through layers on top of layers of security checkpoints (I counted 5-6). In Taiwan, there was just one – customs. I wonder if this has to do with US imposed security checks given each individual country’s terror risk.

By the time we arrive home tonight, it will have been 26 hours since we left the hotel at 5AM Moroccan time. Traveling to Africa from the West coast takes a tremendous amount of time. With that said, Africa is still one continent I keep getting drawn to, and I’m looking forward to our next trip back to East and South Africa.

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