We got off the flight completely jet lagged. Morocco is 8 hours ahead of California, and we didn’t get a chance to adjust while in NYC. With hardly any sleep on the plane, we landed in Casablanca bright and early in the morning ready to go to bed.

Watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean
Snuck a quick blurry photo of a cat at the airport customs.

Met up with our driver, Mohamed, who brought us to our hotel for early check in and a brief nap. This reminded me of our very first trip across the Atlantic together to Paris 20 years ago. For our brief Memorial Day weekend trip, we got in at 6 in the morning, checked in to our hotel and proceeded to take a quick nap, but ended up sleeping away our entire first day of our 3-day trip.

This time we set an alarm. An hour and a half later, we were back on the road for lunch and our 3-hour guided tour. Oy vey.

Then we met up with our guide, Selleck. The highlight of Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque, is currently closed due to Covid, so our guide brought us to the local market. He told us that he doesn’t normally bring tourists to where locals hangout, so we lucked out.

Selleck in the hat. As you can see, masking isn’t universal, but we kept our double masks on despite being vaccinated. Last thing we want is to be barred from entering the US and quarantining in Morocco for 2 weeks.
Families gather for BBQ right around the corner from the butcher stands
Something you don’t see anywhere else
This is one of those rare occasions when Joe actually requested a photo of him posing next to something.
Here’s something we’ve seen elsewhere
Like in all other Mediterranean countries,olives are omnipresent.
As well as rugs.
A view of the Hassan II Mosque from our van.

Five hours later, we were finally back at the hotel, what a sight for sore eyes.

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