Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Quarantine day 5. Now that I’m down to one meal a day, I’m finally starting to feel a little hungry. I was going to finish up all the fruits that mom and dad had dropped off before ordering from Uber Eats, but I could only eat so much dragon fruit at one time before the stomach pains set in – I learned it the hard way and paid for it last night. Mom did warn me not to eat too much of it, but did I listen?

Mom and dad dropped off a couple 粽子 – sticky glutinous rice with pork, mushrooms, and eggs wrapped in bamboo leaves. This is the best thing I’ve had since arriving in Taiwan.
Breakfast was seafood congee with tea eggs. Must say the tea eggs from 7-Eleven are better.

Now having to ration my fruits, I decided to check out Uber Eats. The ordering process is pretty easy and straight forward.

My favorite part of the process was watching the motorbike approach the hotel

Ten minutes later, dinner was at the door.

魷魚羹麵 (squid noodle soup) – my personal favorite. All for NT$100 ($3.50) with delivery included.

Vacation has officially begun!

4 thoughts on “Uber Eats

  1. Omg. I’m so envious. Are you randomly choosing a nearby restaurant or ordering from places you love? I bet the food is incredible no matter where 😋.


    1. You need to get your passport ASAP. I’m just trying out whatever is listed with Uber Eats. I suspect the really good ones aren’t listed with them. Still better than hotel food.


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