Day 1 of Quarantine

Day 1 of Quarantine

I debated whether to journal everyday during quarantine or not. There isn’t much to talk about as nothing much is happening. However, journaling helps pass some time. Time flows very slowly during quarantine.

So far I have spent the bulk of the time consuming news on the internet. Joe and I don’t have the habit of turning on the TV when we enter a room, so I haven’t turned on the TV since arriving. However, if and when I run out of things to read, then I’ll probably switch it on. I’ve also started re-reading one of the books I brought with me.

Written by the same author as Birds Without Wings

The excitement of the day is meal time. Each meal is different, so it’s exciting to see what you’re about to get. It’s like Christmas morning 3 times a day. After the first meal, I requested that they give me 1/2 portions as the full portion is too much to finish. Even 1/2 portions are large enough that I feel the need to “walk” for an hour to an hour and a half after each meal to help with digestion.

Full portion on right

So far meals have been tasty.

Lunch was bland but tasty chicken on rice with sweet potato, broccoli, corn, potato, baby corn, peppers, mushroom.

Almost all meals have some form of pork. If you don’t like pork, then tell them you’re Muslim. You’ll probably end up with a lot of chicken.

Mom and dad dropped off a big bag of fruits around noon.

Grapes, bananas, red dragon fruit, sweetsop, Taiwanese oranges (I call them Taiwanese because the US doesn’t have this kind of oranges, which is unfortunate because it is the only type of orange I like). Of course, they threw in my favorite chocolate – almond roca. My parents are the best!

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of Quarantine

  1. The food does look good! Haha. It is Christmas three times a day given your situation. Are you going stir crazy yet? Pacing around anxiously? Can you walk up and down the hall at all or are you not allowed to the leave room period?


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