Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

It is nice to be home after 2 months on the road. The weather is a warm 78 degrees with not a cloud in the sky, versus the high 50s we left behind.

The 13-hour flight back was manageable and passed surprisingly easily when occupied by 7 movies back to back. I don’t normally watch movies on flights, but in order to make the journey less grueling, movies help take the mind off the ticking seconds.

Going through customs was a breeze, but also mind boggling. The customs officer did not lay a finger on our passports as he let them sit on the counter. He simply took our photo, and let us through within seconds. The forms we filled out for contact tracing purposes were also left in our passport untouched.

We are back in her house now

While we were in Fethiye, a shopkeeper had mentioned the book Birds Without Wings that is based on the setting in Kayaköy during the time of the Turkey-Greece population exchange in 1923. Before leaving Turkey, I had placed it on hold from the library, and went to pick it up today.

The best thing about reading a book that is set in a place you’d just visited not only makes the book more relatable, but it also draws out the vacation after you’ve returned home by bringing you back in time.
This should keep us busy for the next few weeks

For the next few weeks to months we’ll be staying put and recuperating. There are no plans for any trips between now and April (when we’ll be headed to Morocco), but that can change if and when we start getting restless again.

Sunset from the balcony

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