Local Market

Local Market

The rain finally stopped late this morning, so we decided to go for a walk around lunchtime. We remembered that today’s the Friday food market, where all the villagers bring in all their produce into town to sell, so we set off for the market.

The market is huge!

They have all sorts of produce here including dragon fruit and avocado, although both are rare. Spices, nuts, honey, beans, herbs, pomegranate syrup, yogurt, cheese, basically everything you’d need to cook a healthy meal can be found here.

The ubiquitous grapes. We’ve been eating grapes almost every day for the last 2 weeks. If only we didn’t need to travel to Antalya tomorrow, I would have bought some from the market. The green grapes are $0.21/lb, and the red ones $0.42/lb!
Sat down for some gözleme in the market. Probably one of the best we’ve had so far this trip.
On our way back, we walked through old town
There seems to be an umbrella street in every city we’ve been to.

As we were walking along the marina, we noticed a guy getting up from his bench looking alarmed and ready to bolt. Other people also stopped what they were doing and started looking around. It took us a while to realize that it was an earthquake – it’s hard to feel an earthquake while walking. Later, we found out that what they had felt was a 7.0 earthquake off Samos Island across from Ephesus, which is about 175 miles north of Fethiye. The city of Izmir has been impacted with buildings leveled and rising casualties, and it’s truly a gut wrenching sight to see. It reminds me of all the ruins we’ve seen these past few weeks. Some of the great ancient cities like Hierapolis and Ephesus all fell victim to one earthquake after another. After thousands of years, the outcome remains the same – Mother Nature always wins.

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