The Cats Of Istanbul

The Cats Of Istanbul

Today was a day off for us. Traveling can be tiring, especially when we’re moving nonstop. So the day was spent lounging in the apartment and venturing out for lunch and dinner.

The cats of Istanbul have taken lounging to the next level. Here’s a collection of them…

Trying to block out all the human noises
Better yet, just sleep inside the shop, on Turkish towels no less
Or go upscale on a plush couch
All spread out on a hot day
A little siesta after a cold drink and a smoke
Might as well take a nap on the table after a meal
Even a Vespa will do
Perched up high
And on a ledge

The cats all appear to be well taken care of (some too well taken care of from the looks of it) by locals. You’ll find water and cat food placed out for them. You’ll also see people stopping and petting the cats. How well these cats are cared for by the people shows you the kind of people Istanbullers are.

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