The End Is Near

Four more weeks. I have 4 more weeks before I get to say goodbye to morning commutes, Sunday evenings sense of dread, and Friday mid-morning stomach pangs from a week’s worth of stress. Gone will be the days of counting down the days to the next big vacation or mini getaway.

It’s going to be a long 4 weeks…

Or maybe not. I have been filling parts of my days planning for our upcoming 10-week trip to Turkey and Malta. We’ll be leaving 2 days after my last day of work. That’s right. I’m not even giving myself a breather after my last day of work. Why wait? We’ve waited 12 years for this day, and it’s almost here.

I’ve been waiting for a sense of regret or guilt for retiring this early to set in, but so far, those thoughts have not materialized. Sure, people have inadvertently tried to make me feel guilty about early retirement, but all I can feel is the huge weight lifting off my shoulders. My steps are already lighter, and I’m smiling more these days.

Four more weeks.

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